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April 12, 2017

Julie Petit | Senior Manager, Mazars USA LLP
Brian Jones | Senior Manager, Mazars USA LLP
Chase Drossos | Manager, Mazars USA LLP


Water made headlines in 2016 due to major supply contamination, historic droughts, and the presidential campaign; all of which highlighted how vital water is and the challenges the industry faces.

This webcast presented the findings of our Fourth Annual U.S. Water Industry Outlook Survey. Our industry experts provided an overall picture of the water industry from an operational innovation and financial perspective, as well as identifying future trends that will affect your organization. During the webcast, results of our latest U.S. Water Industry Outlook Survey were shared. This webcast will help you:

  • Identify both current and future key business drivers impacting the Water & Wastewater Industry
  • Recognize the impact that operational innovations, including energy efficiency programs, are having on the Water & Wastewater Industry
  • Provide an update on the funding and financing directed towards the Water & Wastewater Industry

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