Supplier of the Fittest: How to Manage Significant Increases in Production Effectively

Various macroeconomic factors in today’s global economy have led to a significant increase in the demand for new aircraft.

Mazars USA LLP is pleased to present you with Supplier of the Fittest: How to Manage Significant Increases in Production Effectively!


As a result, backlogs for Boeing and Airbus, the major OEMs in the aerospace industry, have risen to all-time highs. In response, these OEMs have increased their production rates to help satisfy the world’s hunger for single aisle aircraft.

An aircraft is quite a large and expensive object. Won’t production rate increases of 25%-40% over just a few years have a significant ripple effect in the industry? To best address this question, the Mazars Group has embarked on a journey to determine how increases in production rates would affect suppliers throughout the global supply chain.

It includes the results from a global survey, independent research, and interviews conducted with industry personnel. We are excited for you to accompany us on our journey, so please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Gaël Lamant and Jason Slivka


We have performed independent research on the aerospace industry and the macroeconomic factors therein. This information will serve as a basis for our analysis and help the reader understand all of the macroeconomic factors that currently affect and will potentially affect the industry going forward. Our goal is not just to give a snapshot of the industry as currently presented, but look into the future to help suppliers adapt and respond to the unknown. Our facts and figures come from publicly available information sources that we precise on page 68.

We have gathered responses from over 100 aerospace suppliers from Europe and North America on areas of major concern: main risks and strategies, globalization, financing, and technology and innovation. We have asked various questions under each topic with the hope that the information provided will be robust in helping the readers optimize their strategy for the future. Survey results are presented either in ranking order or in ranked percentages. Respondents are allowed to choose or cite multiple answers if they find them all coherent.

We conducted multiple interviews with key leaders in the aerospace industry to add perspective to the outcomes of our research and survey in order to offer complimentary insights into the industry.


Access the full survey by clicking here.


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