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New Lease Standards Impact on Renewable Energy

March 7, 2018

Ron Lagnado, Kellie Murphy and Guy Laufer

WEBCAST | Energy & Utilities | Manufacturing & Distribution

March 7, 2018

Ron Lagnado | Partner, Mazars USA LLP
Kellie Murphy | Senior Manager, Mazars USA LLP
Guy Laufer | Manager, Mazars USA LLP


This webcast will help you with understanding how the industry will be impacted by the new lease standards and gain an understanding of what is changing. Be in the know as our experts will discuss how to fund future projects. This webcast will help you:

  • Explain the changes under ASC842
  • Describe the concept of asset identification
  • State the concept of economic benefit and substantive substitution
  • Discuss best practice approach on how to model leases

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