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Mazars Healthcare: Information Technology

March 27, 2018


Information System Consolidation

Project Description

Recently merged academic medical centers in a large metropolitan area in the Northeast wanted to integrate the delivery of care across all campuses.


The two merged health systems each had their own Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). In order to provide continuity of care in a more cost effective manner, to improve turnaround time, and to have enterprise-wide access to laboratory results, the consolidated health systems sought a single integrated LIS.


Mazars, working with the management leaders from both academic medical centers, developed a plan to attain the desired integrated system. The team:

  • Identified the functional requirements needed at all campuses, as well as current and future state workflows
  • Recommended potential system solutions that would meet the needs of the merged organization
  • Evaluated the viable systems in terms of their ability to meet future state business and functional requirements as well as their integration capabilities
  • Developed a transition plan to move each of the academic medical centers to the new LIS
  • Managed the implementation of the new consolidated LIS across all campuses of the merged academic medical center


Utilizing our assessment, system selection, and implementation methodologies, the recently merged academic medical centers were able to:

  • Standardize workflows in accordance with best practices enterprise-wide
  • Implement a replacement LIS on time and within budget
  • Expand functional capabilities within each of the academic medical centers
  • Enhance staff productivity and operational cost effectiveness
  • Reduce LIS ongoing support requirements
  • Replace outdated legacy systems
  • Offer competitive reference laboratory services at both major campuses


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