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Mazars Global Water Risk Survey

March 22, 2018

A growing number of stakeholders are sensitive to water risks, largely as a result of media coverage of some of the water related events that have affected millions of lives in the last few years or simply because of concerns that demand for this critical resource is under tremendous pressure due to an ever increasing population.

The corporate world is a water stakeholder exposed to the same risks, and yet you rarely hear or read about this risk being assessed and managed by corporations, with the exceptions of leading fortune 500 organizations. We are herein contributing to the discussion of water as a business risk, its assessment, materiality, and reporting.

We conducted, with the support of YouGov, a global survey of c-level executives across all sectors, all company sizes, and across seven countries that represent some of the major economies and countries with important water challenges: France, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Germany, India, and United States of America.

The survey contains 61% of business with revenue less than $50 million, qualified as small business; 21% of business with revenue ranging from $50 Million to $1 Billion, as mid-size; and 11% of business with revenue more than $1 billion, as large business.



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