Be Visible featuring Gina Omolon

   August 9, 2016

Hear what Gina Omolon has to say about the firm’s culture and the challenges she faces balancing being a leader and […]

The Future of our Firm

   June 14, 2016

Learn more about WeiserMazars and the future of our firm from our very own Chairman and CEO, Victor Wahba, and […]

Going Concern Issues and Update

   June 10, 2016

Financial statement preparation under GAAP includes the presumption that the reporting entity will continue as a going concern unless and until that entity’s liquidation becomes imminent. This is referred to as the going concern basis of accounting.

Full Steam Ahead: Renewable Energy Gains Momentum, Despite Falling Oil Prices

   June 10, 2016

The effect of falling oil prices over the past year on the renewable energy industry clear. When oil prices are high, there is a willingness to invest in solar panels, energy efficient cars, businesses providing electric charging stations and energy delivery infrastructure.

Mortgage Deduction and Limitations for Individual Taxpayers

   June 10, 2016

One of the most valued itemized deductions available to individual taxpayers is the mortgage interest deduction. The potential deductibility of mortgage interest is one reason why owning a home may be a financially better move then renting. However, when determining the deductibility of mortgage interest, one must be mindful of the various requirements and limitations.

Updated COSO Framework to Improve Transparency: Expectations of Corporate Behavior Are Now Higher

   June 10, 2016

As the financial markets continue to evolve and information becomes instantaneously available around the globe, stakeholders are demanding transparency, predictability and accountability from all the organizations with which they are engaged.