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Have You Considered Key Performance Indicators For a Professional Services Firm?

   April 16, 2018

To have a high performing professional services firm, you need more than just talented individuals and A-list clientele. Management must […]

Whistleblowers: A Path to Combatting Fraud

   December 14, 2017

Recent allegations of impropriety on several levels have rekindled whistleblowers as a mechanism for identifying wrongdoing. In the Financial Services […]

Treat Your Medical and Spa Business to a Financial Facelift

   December 8, 2017

A Paper addressing the reasons why Plastic Surgeons should consider separating their Clinical Practice from Spa Services and the value […]

The Internet of Things and Your Security

   December 5, 2016

This article provides an overview of the widespread Internet outage that occurred on October 20, 2016, examining the purpose and […]

Why Buy-Sell Planning Can’t Wait

   November 24, 2015

Most business owners understand and appreciate the need for a properly drafted buy–sell agreement, but too many operate without one […]

Dodging Common Pitfalls of Determining Deductibility of Partnership Losses

   November 24, 2015

Individuals who own partnership interests face several hurdles that limit their ability to deduct their share of partnership losses.  Partners […]