Logistics Brief


Growing Your Logistics Business by Leveraging Technology

   June 17, 2019

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) EDI provides a standard and established framework for how data is formatted when sent, so that […]

Sustainability: Embracing Green Initiatives

   June 17, 2019

As companies attempt to address the increasing desire for corporate transparency among consumers, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) has yet to […]

Luxury: The Shift from Paid Media to Earned Media

   June 17, 2019

Luxury brands have begun to move from more traditional/paid media outlets such as magazines to owned and earned media such […]

Proposed Enhanced Prudential Standards Released for Foreign Banking Organizations

   May 31, 2019

Section 165 of the Dodd-Frank Act implemented Enhanced Prudential Standards (“EPS”) for large banking institutions, generally defined as institutions with […]

The 10 Best Times to Call Your Accountant

   May 28, 2019

We would like to remind our friends, family, clients and former clients of the ten most important times to call […]

Tax Reform and Financial Services Entities

   May 28, 2019

Provisions in the new tax reform bill signed into law on Dec. 22, 2017 have affected a number of areas […]