There Is No Such Thing As A (Tax) Free Lunch!

   June 14, 2018

As most people know, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut (along with the predominance of states) allow 501(c)(3) organizations to […]

Navigating Hotel Taxes and Fees in New York State

   June 14, 2018

The landscape of sales tax and occupancy taxes for hotel operators operating in New York State is a complicated structure […]

Tax Reform Favorably Impacts Life Settlements

   June 8, 2018

A provision of the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 (“TCJA”) addressing the sale of life insurance policies is […]

Insights on Navigating the New Tax Law

   March 27, 2018

With the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in place, business leaders in all industries are seeking information on how […]