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Protecting God’s Money: Tips to Prevent Church Embezzlement

   May 3, 2018

Fraud makes most people think of Wall Street and shady investment figures like Bernie Madoff or Martin Shkreli.  Although many […]

Understanding Unrelated Business Income Tax

   March 29, 2018

Facing increased competition for donor dollars and a growing charitable base, many tax-exempt organizations have set their sights on income […]

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Income Tax Disclosures for Not-for-Profits

   August 9, 2017

Many Not-For-Profits (NFPs) unnecessarily make disclosures about unrecognized tax benefits. Perhaps this happens because of confusion around the difference between […]

Substantiation And Disclosure Requirements For Charitable Contributions

   June 13, 2017

Tax-exempt organizations need to be familiar with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code regarding the documentation that should be […]