Bancassurance in Europe: Benchmark Study 2018

February 26, 2019

While bancassurance is a booming business, proper supervision of the holding entity and its subsidiaries is required in order to be well managed.

It is fundamental to grant effective disclosure of key information between the banking and insurance counterparties and to harness synergies between the two. Leveraging from our strong position and expertise in the European financial services advisory market, Mazars was able to survey the bancassurance industry.

Our study was performed by interviewing CROs and CFOs of leading European Bancassurance
companies on the principal organizational drivers of the business in order to build up
benchmarks and trends. The interviews were based on both quantitative and qualitative
questions with a focus on approaches used by Bank Risk Management and Internal Control
Systems in controlling insurance subsidiaries.
The companies included in the sample were some of the main players from the major
European bancassurance markets: France, Spain and Italy. All the considered groups have a bank as a holding company and control subsidiaries operating both in life and non-life businesses. Life business is typical of the bancassurance channel, even if nowadays many entities are developing important non-life business.


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