The Ledger Collection: December 2013

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NonProfit Trends: Form 990 – Compliance, Marketing or Both?

IRS Form 990 is a familiar feature of the working lives of all those engaged with the not-for-profit sector.
It is completed and filed each year to comply with IRS requirements, undergoing some changes over the years, including a major overhaul just a few years ago, so as to better serve as a tool for monitoring the activity of this robust industry.

HealthCare Trends: An Interview with Dr. Siegal

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is upon us. To date, the most visible effect is neither the promised decrease in medical costs nor the promised increase in healthcare quality, but rather the increasing frustration of healthcare payers, providers, and consumers.

The Accountant’s Role in Filing a Tax Certiorari in New York City

Real estate Tax Certiorari (“Certiorari”) is the legal process by which a property owner can challenge a real estate tax assessment. The Tax Commission is the City of New York’s forum for independent administrative review of real property tax assessments set by the New York City Department of Finance annually on January 15th.