The Ledger Collection: August 2016

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Be Visible featuring Katelyn Kogan

Hear what Katelyn Kogan has to say about how she gets through the long hours of busy season and how the clubs she’s joined in the firm and the relationships she’s made with her coworkers have led her to become the leader she is today.

The Paris Agreement on Climate and Emissions Control

The Paris Agreement is historical because it has garnered almost universal support: 195 countries are now members of UNFCCC, and 175 countries signed it on April 22, 2016. However, there is widespread disappointment over the agreement, because it is less ambitious than the Kyoto Protocol that was signed following COP3 in 1997.

Navigating Hotel Taxes and Fees in New York State

The landscape of sales tax and occupancy taxes for hotel operators operating in New York State is a complicated structure in that it requires hotel operators to collect various tax levies. This article discusses some of the most common sales and occupancy taxes that must be collected by hotel operators doing business in New York.

There Is No Such Thing As A (Tax) Free Lunch!

One such benefit that is often overlooked, but over time can lead to significant savings, is the use of an organization’s sales tax exemption while conducting business over meals. Organizations should be taking advantage of this, as sales tax can add up quickly, diverting much needed funds that could potentially be used for charitable purposes.