The Ledger Collection: February 2016

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Cleared for Takeoff

Organizations in the aerospace industry have much to celebrate. An expanding middle class and emerging global infrastructure have powered commercial aircraft orders to record levels. In response, aircraft manufacturers have been trading production increase announcements over the past few years.

The Causes of High AR Balances and how Technology Can Help

Few things slow cash flow like a high accounts receivable (AR) balance. It consumes working capital that could pay down lines of credit, streamline operations or support growth initiatives. What causes high AR balances, how do you get them under control, and how are top-performing AR teams leveraging technology to deliver superior results?

Retailers Need to Upgrade to EMV

Since October 1, 2015, the liability for credit card fraud has shifted to the party who is the least EMV chip technology compliant in a fraudulent transaction – generally the merchant.

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Non-Revenue Water – A Critical Performance Indicator

The WeiserMazars 2015 U.S. Water Industry Outlook found that non-revenue water is a critical performance measure that provides indicators of: (1) aging of the system, (2) opportunities for improved efficiency, and (3) opportunities for improved financial performance/pricing.

The Manufacturing Skills Gap and the Challenge of Reshoring

At a time when U.S. unemployment remains high, the Manufacturing Institute’s 2015 Skills Gap report predicts that more than 3.4 million manufacturing jobs need to be filled over the next 10 years, but that more than half of these positions will go unfilled due to the current skills gap.