The Ledger Collection: March 2013

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Consulting Services Client Case Studies & Anticipated Trends and Solutions

Conditions in the 2013 Insurance industry are significantly changed from those of the past. Existing companies are adding geographies and deploying innovative products, new companies are entering the market, regulation is increasing, and shareholders want larger top-line growth with lower expense ratios. And yet, many companies are using decades-old legacy systems and financial processes that require too much manual labor. The following case studies of recent work by WeiserMazars Consulting demonstrate that the environment is rich with solutions if you work with the right people.

Prominent Information Technology (IT) Concerns in a Global World

The globalization of commerce has had many impacts in today’s business environment. These changes have affected many aspects of business operations including procurement, logistics, accounting, and human resources. These changes have also affected the information technology area as well. Some of the key IT concerns that need to be effectively managed at some point in […]

Health Care Spending and Investment Opportunities on the Rise

If there’s a T.V. Junkie in your home, you’re familiar with House, the television medical drama that followed Dr. Gregory House as he led a team of top diagnosticians to miraculously solve the most difficult medical cases. Dr. House saved each of his patients’ lives in under 45 minutes—an awesome feat. Of course this show […]

The Appeal of Asset Based Lending in the UK and Throughout Europe

With traditional bank business lending in the UK and Europe heavily restricted, asset based lending is becoming a more attractive alternative. As acceptance of ABL as a product grows in European markets, they represent an enticing form of financing for new entrants into industries with large growth potential. Increased understanding of the nuances of ABL facility structuring likewise leads to more opportunities to invest in businesses based in economies currently coming out of recession.

Why Enterprise Risk Management is Critical to Your Mission

Recent financial scandals, organizational blunders, concerns over executive compensation and instances of fraud have increasingly landed not-for-profit organizations in the headlines. These stories have caused damage not only to the reputations of specific not-for-profits, but to the sector overall and led to increased scrutiny from both the public at large and regulatory authorities. Although NFPs […]