The Ledger Collection: February 2017

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Guide For Controllers 2016/2017

Controllers face many tasks at the end of the calendar year.  This guide provides advice, reminders, and tips about certain responsibilities that require your attention in the next few weeks, and includes an update of rates and limits for 2017. Items covered include: I. W-2s AND YEAR-END PAYROLL ADJUSTMENTS II. INFORMATION RETURNS III. WITHHOLDING ON […]

Dead Storage – the Unknown Profit Killer

Storing goods or inventory has a monthly cost, which depends solely on how long we expect that product to remain in our warehouse.  Handling revenue derived from moving product in or out of the warehouse depends largely on the speed at which we move it.  Therefore, the cost of storing a unit of product decreases […]

Food and Beverage Trends for 2017…Will They Continue?

Heading into 2017, it’s clear that we can expect to see a continuation of certain trends in the food and beverage industry. The hottest sectors – such as healthy and nutritious foods – are still red hot, despite a reduction in the overall number of deals. According to results from Mazars’ annual Food & Beverage […]

2016 Tax Planning Guidelines for Individuals & Businesses

As prudent at this time of year, taxpayers look for ways to reduce their tax liability either through increased deductions or credits. Additionally, we look to the future opportunities relating to new policies as to be outlined by the incoming President and Republican controlled Congress. Businesses and individuals alike have many opportunities available to reduce their overall tax burden. While this may seem like a massive undertaking, the path ahead is not as intimidating as it may seem.

Split-Up Season: The Top 10 Guide to Divorce

Did you know that divorce filings typically spike during the first three months of a new year, right after the holidays? This phenomenon is commonly known as “split up season” by divorce attorneys.

The Next Generation of Manufacturing in America

The current landscape in US manufacturing is changing rapidly. US manufacturing has declined over the past few decades, as the industry shifted to more cost-effective alternatives overseas. However, costs have risen overseas, and technology – specifically, artificial intelligence robotics and 3D commercial printing – could be a catalyst in bringing manufacturing back to the US, triggering a turning point in industry trends.