The Ledger Collection: August 2017

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Income Tax Disclosures for Not-for-Profits

Many Not-For-Profits (NFPs) unnecessarily make disclosures about unrecognized tax benefits. Perhaps this happens because of confusion around the difference between a tax position and an unrecognized tax benefit, or because of a recently withdrawn AICPA Technical Question and Answer (Q&A). All NFPs have tax positions. Tax positions are decisions taken in a previously filed income […]

Provider Directory Accuracy: Have You Reached Acceptance Yet?

New or updated federal and state-level regulations require current, accurate, and complete online provider directories. As a result, leadership in many health care organizations find themselves stuck in one of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The first four stages of grief are all dead-ends with costly unintended consequences to […]

The Evolution Of Banking

Over a decade ago looking at the state banking webpage for my home state of New Jersey, there were approximately 250 banks doing business in the state then. A similar check today would yield a list of less than 150 or so; a more than 40% decline. With banking regulation at an all-time high, the […]

The Crossroads Between Nationalism And Globalism

No industry is more interestingly positioned at the vanguard of today’s political divide between nationalism and globalism than the aerospace and defense industry. The commercial component itself is responsible for last century’s surge in globalization, transporting individuals to locations they once would never have frequented, either for work or leisure. Defense, dominated by non-aerial forces […]

Closing The Gap: The Future Of The Manufacturing Skills Gap

The skills gap continues to challenge U.S. manufacturers as they seek to replace an aging workforce, implement new manufacturing technologies, and expand their businesses. With society’s unfavorable perception of manufacturing careers and a nationwide focus on the traditional four-year college education, the skillsets of today’s workforce do not match up well with the hiring needs […]

The Appropriate Approach to Misappropriation: Responding to Fraud in Non-Profit Organizations

Fraud can be one of the most devastating discoveries within an organization. Reports of fraud are rising with news about defrauded organizations suffering significant losses due to employee corruption. Unfortunately, non-profit organizations are not immune to this trend, and these entities can even have a higher level of potential fraud risk, as limited staff, tight […]