The Ledger Collection: April 2017

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Megaproject Series: Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South

Several developers are participating in the 30-acre project, including Related Companies, Rockrose, and TF Cornerstone. Seven parcels comprise what ultimately will become as many as 5,000 residential units, of which 60% will be targeted for low- and middle-income families, and 300 set aside for low-income seniors.

Addressing the Issue of Occupational Fraud at Your Not-For-Profit Organization

If asked, most of us can easily identify two certainties in life: death and taxes. However, for accountants and management teams, there is one more certainty: fraud. This article addresses some of the challenges faced by not-for-profits (NFPs) and organizations in general, on the issue of fraud and its potential impacts, and offers some advice […]

Cybersecurity: Board Members Hold the Keys

Healthcare Board Members and Corporate Officers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that their organization is properly managed, financially sound, committed to achieving the corporate mission, and is in compliance with laws and regulations. Among their many requisites is a thorough understanding of the organization’s environment and risks. One of these risks – data breaches […]

Evolving Role of IA with Cyber Risk

Cyber as an Organizational Risk In 93% of data breaches, the targeted systems were compromised within minutes. 83% of the time, those breaches were not discovered for weeks, leaving the attackers with plenty of time to do their damage and exfiltrate data.[1] The average consolidated total cost of a U.S. data breach in 2016 was […]

Adult Day Care Centers: A Value-Based Delivery Model Supporting Healthcare’s Triple Aim

There is a little known group of healthcare providers who some consider as the unsung heroes of providing daily care for the high-risk elderly and persons with disabilities and behavioral health needs.  They’re called Adult Day Health Centers (ADHCs).  ADHCs provide a variety of daily care services to high- risk patients, usually between 4-6 hours […]

Outsourcing Under the SSAE 18 Standard: Are You Prepared?

Outsourcing in 1992 was primarily focused on payroll, with only one in five companies outsourcing a critical business process. The assurance of internal controls for financial reporting guidance provided by Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) was adequate. Fast forward to 2017, when virtually all companies outsource critical business processes and the expectation […]