Supplier of the Fittest: How to Manage Significant Increases in Production Effectively

We are pleased to present you with Supplier of the Fittest: How to Manage Significant Increases in Production Effectively! Various macroeconomic factors in today’s global economy have led to a significant increase in the demand for new aircraft. As a result, backlogs for Boeing and Airbus, the major OEMs in the aerospace industry, have risen to all-time highs. In response, these […]

Media: Challenged by Cyber Risks in the Digital World

For several years, the media industry has been disrupted by new internet-based business models, and content digitalization and enablement for different platforms. As part of this transition, data security has become a major challenge for media companies. Loss of data can present a threat to the continuity of operations and cause long-term reputational damage. Each […]

Food & Beverage Industry Study 2015

WeiserMazars along with the Food Institute, Association of Food Industries and Stagnito Media is currently conducting the 2015 Food & Beverage Industry Study. Preliminary findings from early participants are presented below. Section I: Summary 2015 is projected to be a significant year for the Food & Beverage industry, with the majority of respondents expecting double […]

NYDFS Calls for Insurers’ Cyber Security Information

On March 26, 2015, the Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued a letter detailing requirements for insurers to provide information related to their cybersecurity programs and practices. Due April 27, 2015, the short response time created a sense of urgency among insurers. In recent years, cyber security in the insurance industry has […]

The Road from Principles to Practice

Over the last decade, the field of business and human rights has seen a dramatic evolution, from a situation in which companies and human rights activists were at odds, to one in which stakeholders have begun to approach a common understanding of the risks, challenges and opportunities involved. This evolution is best represented by the UN Human Rights Council’s endorsement in 2011 of […]

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Media Barometer 2014 – Challenged by Mobility and Multi-Screens

Over the last ten years, the media industry has seen revolutionary changes, particularly in the areas of consumer behavior, the rise of global internet connectivity, developments in mobile telephone and tablet usage and a marked increase in user-produced content. Media companies seized the opportunities presented by this new wave of digitalization, rethinking their business strategies […]