ASC 606: The Impact of the New Revenue Recognition Standard for Water Companies

The complexity of businesses and their transactions requires an adaptable and detailed standard that can be consistently applied across industries to recognize revenue. ASC 606 is the new revenue recognition standard to be applied in US GAAP to improve the accuracy of revenue recognition. It concerns revenue related to contracts with customers and sales of […]

Interstate Trucking: The Nexus Awakens

Being a Star Wars fan and with The Last Jedi coming out, I thought of a unique way to explain nexus created by companies using their own trucks and realized this could be more challenging then avoiding a Jedi mind trick. Much like the force, nexus is all around us and can be difficult to […]

3 Great Ways Hotels Can Cater To Millennial Guests

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation[i], and they are spending a larger share of their incomes on experiences[ii] like travel and dining than on possessions. Winning over this generation, which controls a growing share of the nation’s disposable income[iii], is important for hotels’ profitability and long-term viability. But gaining millennials’ repeat […]

Regulatory Reform In Uncertain Times: No Rest For The Weary

Despite “reform fatigue” and squeezed profit margins, financial services firms are dealing with a continued flood of regulation. Some are turning to new technologies for compliance help. A decade on from the global financial crisis, are policymakers and regulators starting to tire of imposing a seemingly endless drip-feed of new rules on financial services firms? […]

Guide For Controllers 2017/2018

Controllers face many tasks at the end of the calendar year.  This guide provides advice, reminders, and tips about certain responsibilities that require your attention in the next few weeks, and includes an update of rates and limits for 2018. Items covered include: I. THE NEW YEAR II. W-2s AND YEAR-END PAYROLL ADJUSTMENTS III. INFORMATION RETURNS […]