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3 Great Ways Hotels Can Cater To Millennial Guests

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation[i], and they are spending a larger share of their incomes on experiences[ii] like travel and dining than on possessions. Winning over this generation, which controls a growing share of the nation’s disposable income[iii], is important for hotels’ profitability and long-term viability. But gaining millennials’ repeat […]

Regulatory Reform In Uncertain Times: No Rest For The Weary

Despite “reform fatigue” and squeezed profit margins, financial services firms are dealing with a continued flood of regulation. Some are turning to new technologies for compliance help. A decade on from the global financial crisis, are policymakers and regulators starting to tire of imposing a seemingly endless drip-feed of new rules on financial services firms? […]

Chinese Investment In NYC Hotels Remains Strong, But Shows Signs Of Slowing

New York City was both the most liquid hospitality market in the country[i], and global hotel investors’ destination of choice in 2015, according to JLL. That year, its transaction volume exceeded $6.6B, outpacing London by 40% and eclipsing its own 2011 record of $3.1B. Although total hotel deal volume decreased 41%[ii] nationwide in 2016, foreign investment featured […]

Is the new 421 A the answer to New York City’s affordable housing problem?

In a city in which resolving competing interests often results in inertia, the recent rapprochement among the city, real estate developers, unions, and Governor Cuomo has caused the extension of the 46-year old 421 A provision, which had been in limbo for two years. It brings hope to all stakeholders—including residents for whom the prospect […]