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Why Buy-Sell Planning Can’t Wait

WHY BUY-SELL PLANNING CAN’T WAIT All Industries David Weinstock | Financial Advisor and Principal Mazars Wealth Advisors LLC, a subsidiary of Mazars USA LLP In this video David Weinstock offers three tips for companies to follow when looking at buy-sell planning.

Tips for Fast-Growing Companies: From Technology to Talent

TIPS FOR FAST-GROWING COMPANIES: FROM TECHNOLOGY TO TALENT All Industries Michael Flagiello| Partner | Mazars USA LLP We asked our experts for their top three pieces of advice for fast-growing businesses and they answered. In this video, Mazars Consulting Partner, Michael Flagiello, discusses the important of a technology strategy, recruiting top talent, and surrounding yourself with talent. […]

Hot Topics: Tax Technology

HOT TOPICS: TAX TECHNOLOGY  All Industries Michael Flagiello| Partner | Mazars USA LLP In this video, we explore Tax Technology through a discussion of the four major factors that force tax executives to work too reactively, the impact of taxes on profitability, client successes and much more.

Tax Provisions in the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

President Obama’s proposed 2016 budget contains new provisions as well as some from previous budgets – it includes plans to revise the U.S. international tax system, the taxation of domestic corporations and provisions affecting individuals. We will briefly cover some of the proposals affecting both corporations and individuals. Provisions Affecting Individuals Long Term Capital Gains and […]

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Media Barometer 2014 – Challenged by Mobility and Multi-Screens

Over the last ten years, the media industry has seen revolutionary changes, particularly in the areas of consumer behavior, the rise of global internet connectivity, developments in mobile telephone and tablet usage and a marked increase in user-produced content. Media companies seized the opportunities presented by this new wave of digitalization, rethinking their business strategies […]

Maximizing Revenue in the Age of Digital Media

MAXIMIZING REVENUE IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL MEDIA Media Mazars & Gotham Media co-hosted a conversation on the dollars and “sense” of digital media. We discussed steps that can be taken to maximize media revenue on digital platforms and examined the performance of media companies over the last few years. In addition, the panel spoke […]