Manufacturing and Distribution

SMEs and Global Growth: Meeting Logistics Challenges

SMEs entering new foreign markets should pay close attention to efficient logistics—including finding a balance between outsourcing these functions and performing them in-house. A small or mid-sized enterprise (SME) establishing a presence in a new foreign market faces steep learning curves on several fronts. It must familiarize itself with the needs and preferences of a […]

Introduction to Regulated Utilities Webcast

INTRODUCTION TO REGULATED UTILITIES Energy & Utilities | Manufacturing & Distribution December 14, 2017 Understanding the future is critical to any business. Within the regulated utility space, companies need to understand the long-term price implications on their business and to know when to open discussions with regulators. In this webcast, you will learn how rates […]

Changing Consumer Tastes and Technological Innovation Drive Big Change in Food Retail

2017 was an eventful year in the Food & Beverage industry. Large food companies have continued to purchase brands to better respond to quickly changing consumer behavior.  Amazon, Walmart and Target, not typically known for food distribution, have expanded their food presence, while also innovating around how customers are served.  Venture capital firms have increased […]

Building a Winning 3PL Relationship

Third party logistic companies known as “3PLs” provide transportation outsourcing services, including warehousing and transportation management, as well as global logistics solutions. 3PL relationships play an essential part in both a company’s operations and their supply chain. Companies searching for operational efficiencies that can lead to lower transportation costs and a healthier bottom line should […]

ASC 606: The Impact of the New Revenue Recognition Standard for Water Companies

The complexity of businesses and their transactions requires an adaptable and detailed standard that can be consistently applied across industries to recognize revenue. ASC 606 is the new revenue recognition standard to be applied in US GAAP to improve the accuracy of revenue recognition. It concerns revenue related to contracts with customers and sales of […]

Dare to Compare: Mazars USA’s Consumer Products Annual Benchmarking Study

Monitoring key financial indicators is critical to sound business decisions and long-term financial success. To facilitate the decision making process, Mazars USA has developed an annual benchmarking study. The benchmarking study allows consumer products companies to compare their financial performance to that of similar high performing companies. The benchmarking data gathered identifies the industry trends […]