Food & Beverage

Changing Consumer Tastes and Technological Innovation Drive Big Change in Food Retail

2017 was an eventful year in the Food & Beverage industry. Large food companies have continued to purchase brands to better respond to quickly changing consumer behavior.  Amazon, Walmart and Target, not typically known for food distribution, have expanded their food presence, while also innovating around how customers are served.  Venture capital firms have increased […]

Individual and Entity 2017 Tax Update Webcast

INDIVIDUAL AND ENTITY 2017 TAX UPDATE All Industries December 5, 2017 | 11 AM EST This webcast explored the individual income tax, domestic and international entity tax, and transfer tax landscape as well as year-end tax strategies. Take full advantage of this opportunity to hear from experts at Mazars USA LLP as they provide an […]

Bite-Size Biz, Episode 7: Tips and Tricks on How to Identify the Right Global Market

BITE-SIZE BIZ: TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO IDENTIFY THE RIGHT GLOBAL MARKET Food & Beverage November 2017 The November Bite-Size Biz Podcast features Julie Meyer, Founding Partner of Eat Well Global – an internationally focused nutrition and health communications agency based in Brooklyn, NY and Amsterdam. In this podcast Julie gives some tips and […]

Food & Beverage Retail Marketplace Disruption

Competition to Meet Consumer Demand As recently as the 1990s, traditional food stores (such as Publix, Stop & Shop, Kroger, Albertsons and Shoprite) accounted for roughly 90% of retail food sales. Today brick and mortar sales are only half of that figure, accounting for only 45% of all retail food sales. This shift is due […]

Mazars USA 2017 Food & Beverage Industry Study: The Results Webcast

MAZARS USA 2017 FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY STUDY: THE RESULTS Food & Beverage | Manufacturing & Distribution September 7, 2017 | 11 AM EST During this webcast, we will go over the findings from the 2017 Mazars USA Food & Beverage Industry Study. We will discuss key trends and other information revealed in the results […]

Bite-Size Biz, Episode 6: Futureproofing Your Food & Beverage Business

BITE-SIZE BIZ, EPISODE 6: FUTUREPROOFING YOUR FOOD & BEVERAGE BUSINESS Food & Beverage September 2017 Ileen V. Smith, MS, RD, Principal, I ON FOOD sits down with Mazars USA’s food and beverage marketing manager, Teresa Hansen and discusses how futureproofing will help food and beverage companies take a hard look at their business in order to […]